Is Fear Controlling You?

Seriously, what motivates or demotivates you? I mean for the young and sometimes not so young, one could easily say greed is a primary motivator. The love of family and friends and wanting to help them along with helping others, yep, that’s a motivator. I wonder how many will be honest with themselves and truly admit that one of the biggest contributors to their drive or to their failures is FEAR.

I better do this or I will get fired. I better sell more or I will get fired. I better do this or that or something bad will happen. I hear it all the time and frankly, I am tired of it. The captain of fear is satan. He wants us to be afraid and he wants us to be overly cautious.

But as Dr. Creflo Dollar tells us; if you are allowing fear to control your life, then you are giving grace unto satan. You are not trusting in the Lord and standing firm on His WORD.

Let’s suppose for a minute that you are an atheist or you worship under some other religious belief. Does your version of spiritual leadership tell you to operate in fear? No I didn’t think so. Then why give fear any substance or credence? Let’s put it this way, if your chosen book tells you to respect something – that is perfectly fine. If your Book tells you to be scared and not live a full life because you might lose or fail; then I hate to say it but your Book is wrong.

The next time fear pops in to your mind, stop for a second and determine the seed of that fear. If you fear you might die if you jump off a cliff, that is not fear – that is wisdom. If you fear that you won’t get hired for a job, you have already lost that job.

Stop operating in fear and start operating in faith. You will still encounter issues and defeats along life’s path but your victories will be more frequent and even more glorious.

Think about it.


About crippledshark is my website that is under construction and some other links to our other blogs and social media stuff. Wee bit of a smart a$$, very opinionated and extremely gifted in the art of sales, negotiations, marketing and business. Sports guru and pretty darn good at grilling. Short, fat, crippled, funny, older and unpolitically correct (and darn proud of that fact). As for me and my house, we choose to worship Jesus and I love America too.
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